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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  December 26, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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we begin our coverage with carol lou -- kara lou. >> reporter: take a look at this. a giant tree down in the middle of her backyard and if you take a closer look, sandwiched underneath is her car. now, she says she was shocked to find this this morning. she didn't hear a thing but her neighbor thinks it happened around 3 a.m. a rude awakening for mandy rumfeld after a rainy night. her neighbor's tree came toppling down in her yard and you can barely see her car buried underneath it all. on highway 4 near the pittsburg-
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pittsburg-antioch border, the road was shut down for emergency road repairs. the repairs backed up traffic with the right lane shut down for about two hours starting late morning. >> what that was, it's a section of highway 4, an older section of highway, and it's been in need of work for a long time anz the recent storms have made it worse. >> reporter: in san francisco, news chopper 2 was overhead after flootding shut down an entire side of the great highway. the two-mile stretch spanning from lincoln to slope shut down early this afternoon. you can see cones and cars driving through a substantial amount of water. and back here in oakland, the folks who live here tell me they're unsure of what's going to happen to this tree but without this -- but at this point, they're without their rides. about two hours ago, pg&e restored power to all customers following a large outage after a crash in oakland.
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the crash happened around 2:00 this morning. it knocked down power lines and caused an outage affecting some 6800 customers. pg&e said most customers were back online within about an hour and a half. about 2400 customers remain in the dark until about two years ago. the first snow fell in the sierra today. ken prich set live along interstate 08 and experienced first hand just how slow going the traffic was on the way up. ken? >> reporter: we did, indeed. you can see light snow falling. we are at the nyack gas station, and it is busy. they have this new snow area so there's a lot more places for people to play. the people you see here sledding, they put in in some cases hours just to get here. we did, too, as you will see. long before the pavement of interstate 80 turned white from snow, the back-up had begun. this is at around noon.
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2,000 feet, heading eastbound. our driveup was hours. chain controls were in effect at the nyack exit for most of the day. but by the time we arrived, caltrans had moved chain controls closer to the summit. >> just how long did it take for people to get through the back-up on 80? how long were they in their cars? a good indication is when you look at the first offramp here to a major gastation, this is nyack where we have been sitting for 15 minutes just to get off the highway. and once at nyack, we found chaos, spinning wheels, people putting on chains and a parking lot packed with those who stopped after a long drive. >> we got here about 45 minutes ago and it was bad. my mother-in-law lives in roseville, so it took us two hours from roseville to get here. >> reporter: john kaiser from danville made the drive so his family could do this, take in the snow and go sleeding.
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a long -- go sledding. a long drive means they will stay for a while. >> until it gets freezing, we will stay and then get in the car and go home. >> reporter: on the back of the tow truck was a car that just was towed. it looks like the car may have been in an accident. the people here who are heading up interstate 80 heading up over the summit, they will hit chain controls. right now, the chain controls are in effect from king vail over to truckee, so that's essentially the gap of interstate 08245 covers the summit. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. the rain in the bay hear has had a big impact on the snow in the sierra. officials save the content of the snow pack is 146% of normal for this time of year. the snow pack provides a third of the water supply for homes, farms and industries in california. the first official snow survey is scheduled for next week.
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a fatal accident closed pap lo road this afternoon. the highway patrol says the chevy trail blazer going north crossed the center line and hit a car coming the other way. a woman from richmond and her dog died in the passat. the driver of the trail blazer, a man in his 20s suffered a broken arm in the collision. santa rosa police are investigating the death of a 70 year old woman who was found in a pond at a condominium complex this morning. a man found the body at the wood lake complex off eulupa avenue north when he came to clean up from a party. he recognized the woman as his neighbor. neither lived at the condo complex. police say there were no obvious signs showing how that woman died. oakland police have evacuated people from their homes this afternoon while they dispose of some explosives. about one this afternoon a
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person in the 900 block of 37th street reported packets of tnt. he had them in his home for years and was going to leave them. . early indications are showing shoppers did not spend as much time on christmas gifts as they expected they would. holiday shopping sales went up 0.7% from last year. this is the worst year to year performance since 2008. when the country was in the middle of a recession. this is a crucial time since november or december make up 40% of annual retail sales. retailer really count on the holiday sales. christian. >> taking a look around union square, you can see a lot of shoppers are holding back similar so this one. shoppers say they are looking for good deals. shoppers pack into the west field shopping center mall in san francisco. >> black friday always is your first really big day, but it's surprising the day after
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christmas we just get a ton of traffic. >> reporter: mall spokeswoman amy benson says commerce of looking to use or -- customers are looking to use or exchange the gift cards. >> they stay in my wallet until july. >> reporter: the week between christmas and new years bring in 15% of business. shoppers started -- shops starting sales before christmas to bring in customers. >> we saw a lot of the sales kickoff on christmas eve and they're obviously going on today and through the rest of the week so, we expect a lot of holiday shopping to continue through the weekend. >> reporter: some customers say they wait all the way through the holidays for the post christmas sales. . >> december 26th, we try to make it downtown. we get here about 9:00. >> reporter: while retailers may be depending on the sales, coming up at 6, we'll tell you why some retailers will wind up
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disappointed with the way the season goes. . at 5:30, we are inching closer to the so-called fiscal cliff. we spoke to congressional staffers today, why they believe politicians will allow the country to go over the cliff before making a deal. officials in newtown, connecticut, plan to use the flowers, letters and other mementos sent by the public as part of the memorial. they will stay up until after new year's as residents and visitors pay their respects to the shooting victims at sandy hook elementary school. residents yesterday took turns monitoring candles that had been lit on christmas eve, one candle for each of the vils. this los angeles today, gun owners could swap weapons for groceries. gun owners were asked to come with unloaded weapons in the trunks of their vehicles in exchange for a $100 gift certificate for groceries. they got a $200 gift certificate if they turned in a so-called assault weapon of the buy-back program happens in the
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spring but was moved up this year because of the school shooting in connecticut. >> a newspaper that covers two counties north of new york city is at the sfr of a controversy after it posted a map online showing the names and addresses of handgun permit holders. on sunday, the journal news published interactive maps of westchester and rockland counties showing information about pistol and revolver permit holders. critics say it puts supporters in danger. opponents say it will show you neighbors are armed and were not not. the day after christmas around the country was a rough day for some. power is out in places and some are stuck at airports. elizabeth corda has the report. >> if you're in a hurry to get somewhere, you could be if trouble on one of the busiest travel days of the year, highways are a mess, airports no better. >> just be calm. you can't change it, so take it for what it is and make the best of a bad situation. >> reporter: but if you're
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looking at departure boards that look like this and through windshields that look like this, be prepared to be hit with a case of the post-holiday travel blues. the sound of jingle bells now replaced by the scraping of plows on pavement. tires trudging through snow and whipping winds. blizzard and winter storm warnings are posted for a wide swath of the united states. right along where kind of that rain-snow line, that's where the front is and just north of that, that's usually where the axis of the heaviest snow will be and we're going to see that from cincinnati north of that through indianapolis, cleveland and into buffalo. all part of the deadly system that erupted christmas day with snow, freezing rain and high winds and spawning multiple tornadoes. >> oh, my god, look, that's a tornado. oh, wow. jesus look at that tornado wrp are daylight wednesday came the
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reality of just how much damage was done. at this mobile high school, portable classrooms inner ruins, windows are missing and roof tiles are shattered. >> i just don't know what we're going to do with the kids when it's time to come back. this is a dangerous situation. >> reporter: dangerous situations unfolding from texas to the great lakes. in this storm system is not -- and this storm system is not finished yet. and we're looking for some fog late tonight and eltomorrow morning. a lot of folks out and about, so you'll have the details what you can expect where the fog will be. and we're looking at more showers down the road. see you back here in ten minutes.
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w a young woman charged with hitting and killing a grandmother at san francisco's twin peaks lookout made her first court appearance today. david stevenson was in court today and has new information about what's being done from keeping the college student from getting behind the wheel now.
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>> reporter: we learned more today about the young with him accused in the death as the judge placed some special conditions on her bail supporters of 23-year-old gina eunice covered their faces as they entered the san francisco courtroom this afternoon. eunice is charged with felony vek lahr manslaughter -- vehicular manslaughter, driving under the influence and a hit- and-run driving for a crash on twin peaks road. >> this case is a case that will be handled very aggressively. >> reporter: police say eunice was drunk when she drove a car into four pedestrians walking along the road. 56-year-old eyi yao was hit and killed. she had come from china recently to help care for her grandson. >> i just call for help. >> why are you searching my car? >> reporter: investigators stay eunice drove away from the site
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with two passengers, including a minor. >> gina and the entire family is honestly destroyed by what happened, and i think it's fair to say that their main concern is for the yao family. >> reporter: a judge today ordered her held on $2 million bail and said if freed, she cannot drive. eunice' lawyer said she has never been it trouble and is just a quarter short of dwruting from college. >> criminal justice. she was studying criminal justice hoping to become a police officer. >> reporter: gina eunice is expected to enter a plea monday. coming up at six, the dangers of this twin peaks roadway and what the district attorney says pedestrians can do to prevent a tragedy from happening there again. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. new details are emerging in a bicycle accident in berkley that claimed the life of a well- respected professor from israel last summer. berkley say a review of security video indicates a dump truck did not not strike the
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professor as initially reported by witnesses. investigators say instead the truck passed so close to benton he may have maneuvered quickly to avoid being hit, causing himself to be catapulted over the handlebars. he was a visiting lecturer at uc berkley. al meada police are investigating a stabbing at occurred at a family christmas appear. the attack happened last night in the shin say garden apartments. during the argument, a woman grabbed a kitchen or pocket knife and stabbed a relative in the chest. a 16-year-old and two other people were injured. police say none of the injuries are left-threatening. officers were called out and arrested 42-year-old tiffany thomas. sheriff's officials today announced an arrest of a teenager in bay point. contra costo county sheriff's investigator say danielco stano was arrested in antioch saturday.
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he was wanted for the shooting death of fern nan do gonzalez -- fernando gonzalez. he's being held on more than $2 million bail. san mateo county prosecutors say a postal worker stole thousands of people of mail to obtain other people's credit cards. prosecutors say 38-year-old romeo natan was arrested after being caught on surveillance video using stolen cards at a target store. investigators say they discovered more than 3,000 pieces of undelivered mail at his home at the time of his arrest. natan has pleaded not guilty to charges. heyward city officials are taking a new look at a traffic plan that could be good for commute irs but bad for merchants. crews have been reconfiguring downtown. the hope is it will better handle traffic from people using heyward street as a shortcut between interstate 580
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and 880 but business owners say the current plan to eliminate at least half the spreet parking -- street parking can kill their businesses. >> if you can't park in the front, we don't have any customers. when they start working in summer, we business drop 80% down. >> heyward city staff is working on a parking report and hopes to present it to the city council in late january or early february. federal judge today ordered santa clara's marvel technology group to pay more than $1 million in a patent infringement lawsuit. it surrounded technology used to increase the accuracy of hard disks. because the jury found the infringement was willful, the trial judge could triple the award to $3 billion. christmas trees will be coming down at homes around the bay area. and in san francisco today,
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workers from ecology demonstrated how the trees would be turned into power. what is left of the trees goes sgo into a furnace which drives an electrical generator. managers say for ecology say for this to happen, ornaments and decorations need to be off the tree. >> if the lights and ornaments are still on it, we can't put it in the chipper, it will contaminate the load and ruin the product. >> tree cology plans to continue picking up trees on a regular schedule. they're set to recycle about 500 tons of trees. stormy weather brought some trees down as well. let's check in with bill martin and see what's going on outside. >> it's been a wet winter for sure. the rainfall around here, we're over 160% average for rainfall for this time of year. last year we were well below that. it continues to come. the kind of winter we need, actually, and you know if it wasn't raining, we would be saying where's the rain.
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sort of a mixed blessing. it's going off big in the mountains in terms of snow. what we have here, these are snow reports or storm reports and these are actually from trained observers like weather service trained observers. up by donner summit, we check in and we're going to see -- that didn't show up well. let's go down here a little bit. let's go towards placerville. placerville, we've got an inch of snow just above placerville, that tells you you're seeing low snow elevations. we can go up here to donner summit. it doesn't pop in, either. and we got heavy snow in tahoe city at 16 inches of snow. you get the picture. it's definitely smoeg hard up there. that is the weather story right now. in terms of precipitation. what we're looking at in the bay area tonight is going to be fog and low clouds. so that's going to be our weather story around here as people travel around during the holiday, for many, it is, temperatures are going to drop
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and the fog is going to be an issue. right now we have temperatures in the 40s and 50s but as we head into tomorrow morning early, there's going to be fog in those spots. think about that as you travel around on your thursday morning. we are looking for temperatures to begin to warm just a little bit in the afternoon. it was very chilly today. we're looking for mainly dense fog in the inland bay valleys. we're looking for northeast and south bay valleys out in the sacramento valley, so lots of fog there. travelling to and from, that's thursday morning, then again on friday morning, so the next couple of mornings. we do have another weather system coming. in the mountains, you have snow and winter storm warning up near -- chains required near gold run. that's pretty low. we're seeing low snow levels. as we go through tomorrow, we're going to see some clouds increase and then friday, we get a chance for some showers late in the afternoon and the evening. so when i come back, we'll have the latest computer model. what that's going to do is show you when the rain will stop.
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but next couple mornings we're talking about valley fog. when i come back, we'll have a computer model of where the fog is. wasted tax dollars. you'll be surprised where government officials are spending your money. and call it an incentive plan. the unique program being considered by san francisco to save money on health care costs. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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taxpayer money is paying salaries and bonuses to workers and elected officials who have been suspended and convicted of crimes. that's what our washington bureau reporter macfarlane found after digging into pub records >> reporter: he orchestrated an outrageously wasteful party in vegas on taxpayers dime. 800,000 spent on expensive food, entertainment including clowns and a mind reader. jeef neely was even photographed there with a hot tub and a wine glass overlooking the city. after the scandal was sauer suh fased and -- surfaced and he was suspended, he kept collecting pay. >> what would we do in the private sector? answer it, we wouldn't put him on leave with pay. we would put him on leave without pay until we find out what was wrong. >> reporter: a separate report found 84 employees under
5:26 pm
investigation by internal watch dogs at the general services administration collected a whopping $1 million in bonus pay over the past four years. including one worker probed for, quote, abusive authority who snatched $38,000 in taxpayer funded bonuses. but taxpayer watchdogs say congress itself is the biggest rewarder of potential misconduct. >> being in congress gives you not just a golden parachute, you get a platinum one. >> reporter: former california congressman duke conning ham received his pecks after being imprisoned for his misconduct. . >> congress recently did expand the number of crimes for which its members would be stripped of their pensions and the u.s. house just passed a bill making it harder for federal workers who are suspended from the job to keep getting paid during that suspension. but that's not yet law. >> that was macfarlane reporting.
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a national study has found modest declines in obesity in toddlers in poor families. researchers say the obesity epidemic may have peaked in kids between the ajs of two and four -- ages of two and four. scientists say school exercise programs are one reason for the change. broad changes in health and eating activities are also thought to be factors. san francisco city officials are looking at a plan in which they would pay employees to make healthy choices. a new study those two-shirdz of the city -- two-thirds of the city workers are overweight or obesity. they will consider whether paying people to make healthy choice social security cheaper than paying for increased health care costs. going over the fiscal cliff, raising taxes on us, lowering on corporations and what some call political shenanigans. . christmas is over, so is hanukkah.
5:28 pm
now it's on to another holiday. how jazz music is teaching people about kwanza.
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a. as the new year perhaps, so does the deadline for the so- called fiscal cliff and tonight a new development. house republicans tossed the fiscal cliff problem to the senate today. saying once the senate has a plan congress can go forward. john fowler investigated some of the latest moves and joins us live with what could happen a week from today. john? >> reporter: do mog, we get deep spending cuts and across- the-board tax hikes. con shull staffers told me -- congressional staffers told me today, expect a bumpy ride of the halls of power empty, although negotiateders and the
5:31 pm
president are back at work. >> at the very least let's agree right now on what we already agree on. >> reporter: an olive branch to the gop and carrot to corporate giants, including the bay area's google and apple. the administration now suggesting cutting corporate tax rates. the u.s. has among the world's highest. but closing loop holes that helped google, for instance, avoid $2 billion in taxes last year. >> corporations are concerned because they're not sure the extent to which exemptions would be eliminated. >> reporter: wells capital management senior economist gary slosberg is optimistic about a deal. >> i see it at least 50-50. >> reporter: what seems likely is to allow the country to go over that fiscal cliff triggering higher taxes. that would allow hard line republicans to vote for lower taxes a few days later. >> to make them look better? to appease voters?
5:32 pm
is that the reason? great. >> reporter: some call it a low form of political shenanigans rvlgs i think that it's horrible they would put the american people through that. i don't think it's fair to the american people. >> it will be the most colossal cons sequential act of congressional irresponsibility. >> reporter: with two million people on the verge of losing unemployment benefits, there are too many lives at stake if we do not get a deal. staffers told me to expect nothing before saturday. that tomorrow's house session is in name only. that congress members are staying home until leadership summons. . on wall street today, poor holiday retail reports dragged stocks lower in light trading. the dow dropped 24. the s&p 500 lost 6. starbucks is taking a stand on the fiscal cliff impasse
5:33 pm
pressing law makes to try to find common ground. the coffee giant is asking its workers in the d.c. area to write the words "come together" on coffee cups. starbucks' ceo said the words are intended to send a message to the lawmakers. >> i think if people would get in the room and leave their ego behind and not be so skewed towards the party, but be so sensitive to the lens of the american people, we will have an agreement. >> starbucks says it's also sending out its message through social media outlets and newspaper ads. there are more signs of strength in the nation's real estate market. just released figures show home prices rose in most major cities? october, compared to a -- cities in october compared to a year ago. the case shiller index rose 4.6%.
5:34 pm
phoenix was the gig gain with 22 -- had the biggest gain with 22%. builder confidence rose in december. the "los angeles times" posted thousands of previously unpublished files from boy scouts of america detailing accusations of sexual abuse. the documents were released earlier after a ruling by the oregon supreme court. the names of those accused were removed from the files. ktvu review of the file shows there were a total of 88 cases in the bay area, including those posted today and those released earlier. san francisco muni officials are reporting a computer problem. officials say riders are seeing inaccurate arrival times online and on electronic message boards at train and bus shelters. the glitch began sometime before 7 this morning prompting muni staff to make manual route- by-route adjustments. fushls say despite -- officials say despite the problem, there have no major interruptions today.
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the celebration of kwanzaa has started today. >> reporter: ken, here at the bay area discovery museum, hundreds of kids and parents got to learn about kwanzaa through art, history and music. the sounds of jazz, that uniquely american music, filled this sausalito museum. it had the kids dancing and everybody learning about kwanzaa. >> kwanzaa is a celebration of building community. there are seven days and each day represents some aspect of building community throughout the year. >> reporter: these musicians talked about the principles, unity, self-determination, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith. >> we celebrated how our people came together and learned to speak another language, learned to sing different songs. >> reporter: kwanzaa's roots lie in africa but many in america say they are still learning about the celebration.
5:36 pm
>> i learned the journey of the slaves coming from africa, and i've got bits and pieces of that through my education. >> reporter: san francisco city hall recognized the first day of kwanzaa. >> in time of commemoration of its past and it's excellence, our and an says tess. >> we learned about our cultural and spite you'll significant each of us bring to the table. >> reporter: back in sausalito, one parent said she wants her multi-racial daughter to learn about the holiday. >> i want her to be culturally aware and appreciate all the things we have in the bay area. >> reporter: another child had a message for everyone. >> havari ganismi. >> reporter: that means what's the news.
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an intriguing link. researchers look whether there's a link between the marijuana use in teenagers. details on the occupy movement. what documents are revealing about the f.b.i.'s investigation into the movement. and the ktvu app is ready to download. you can watch all our newscasts live, plus drive time traffic, bay area weather and video breaking news any time anywhere.
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a new study shows a link between adolescent use and focus. a dutch study focused on teens who suffered from hallucinations and delusions were likely to use pot earlier than most teens and adults. researchers say the study couldn't cause one or the other. the study followed up on earlier findings that concluded that teens who used marijuana were twice as likely to develop psychosis compared with teens who never smoked pot. in iraq, tensions are heating up. thousands of sunny's turned out to call for the overthrow of the government who is dominated by shiite muslims. the latest controversy -- finance minister who is an sunni.
5:41 pm
today, marks eight years since the devastating earthquake and tu suh unanimousy rocked thailand. prayer services were held today to remember the disaster. the u.n. called it the worst natural disaster to hit thailand. it devastated 14 other nations and an estimated 200,000 people were killed. recently released f.b.i. documents show federal agents spied on the "occupy wall street" movement. the f.b.i. used counter terrorism agents to keep tabs on occupy chapters. the documents were released under a freedom of information act request from the partnership for civil justice fund. a spokesman for that group said the papers showed the government treated the protests as potential criminal and terrorist activity. the f.b.i. denied those accusations. call it a christmas miracle in san jose. we'll show you how a baby's early arrival put the delivery in his father's hands.
5:42 pm
the rain is out of the area right now. it's still snowing in the mountains, but there's more weather headed our way as we move through this week. i'll have the details on when you can expect more showers.
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
our san jose family has quite a christmas story to tell this year after their baby arrived earlier than expected. so early, in falk, the father had to deliver the baby boy. ktvu's dan reuben spoke with the parents today and joins us live with the parents' story.
5:45 pm
>> reporter: like many, the hi himings were all ready for christmas. they weren't ready for this. it was a gift therm not expecting this xngs, baby conner arrived two weeks ahead of schedule. >> it was due early january, i would say maybe mid-january but i guess he had his own will. >> reporter: the trouble wasn't that he was early, it was that he was fast and by the time the himings realized what was happening, there wasn't help to arrive. >> i thought 23 it lasted long enough, somebody could take over once they arrived but nobody came. >> reporter: they had planned for a home birth anyway and their two midwives drove as fast as thekd but but when they drove up, they were met by a proud papa instead. the labor took just 35 minutes. >> he stuck his head out of the door and head the baby is here. i heard a scream and the baby was crying. >> reporter: the baby was perfectly healthy and by all accounts husband joe had done a good job. >> i thought he's in control,
5:46 pm
he's helping me through it, he only told me afterwards that he was kind of getting nervous there. >> reporter: the himings still can't quite believe what happened. >> immediately after it was like we did it, we did it! >> reporter: the only trouble, christmas dinner was delayed and present for their other son logan were left unopened. they said they wouldn't have traded this gift for anything. >> i'm glad it all worked out and he's a happy baby. >> reporter: the family finally got some rest. now, they're thinking they'll do all of their christmas celebrating tonight with their new addition. live in san jose, ann reuben, ktvu channel 2 news. the firefighters in upstate new york who were wounded by a began mun as they responded to a fire -- gun man as they responded to a fire are grateful for the support. they have been upgraded to
5:47 pm
serious condition at the hospital. the gunman's sister's body was later found in the burned home. the fire spread and burned seven other houses. a spokesman for south african president says normer president nelson mandela is out of the hospital. doctors said he was treated to a lung infection and gall stones and he's imprifg and in good spirits. an attorney representing toyota owners announce ad tentative settlement with the auto maker today worth more than $1 billion. the settlement would avoid a trial involving accusations that toyota sold cars it knew had defective accelerators. . in spite of that ongoing lawsuit, a series of raults and the biggest safety find in u.s. history, toyota motors predicts it will reclaim the title of
5:48 pm
world's biggest car maker in a year. toyota says when fourth quarter figures are in, it will have the lead at 9.9 million vehicles. new numbers from the u.s. department of transportation suggests airlines are making a lot of money charging for baggage. the figures show airlines have made $2.6 billion this year on bag fees. that's up 77 million from the same period last year. members of the congress have proposed requiring airlines accept at least one checked bag for free. air carriers say they need the money to offset fuel costs. federal regulators are seeking further analysis in trying to determine if the nuclear plant in southern california should be restarted. they were shut town after a small radiation leak led to the discovery of excessive wear on hundreds of generator tubes. today the nuclear regulatory commission asked the operator of the plant for more analysis on how tubes would interact with each other if a reactor is
5:49 pm
running at full power. the operator, southern california edison, has submitted a plan to run the unit 2 reactor at reduced power hoping that will end vibration that damaged the tubing. if you're the man who lost his wedding ring while putting on snow chains along interstate 80, we have good news for you. douglas ben debtee found the ring. after the man and his wife left, that chain installer went looking for the lost jewelry along the quarter smile stretch where it was said to have slipped off. >> he wasn't wearing good clothing and he was using the light on his cell phone to look for it. i saw it, it was perfectly round and i knew i had the right ring. >> he says all he wants to do is get that ring back to the person who lost it, so that that person can pay the good deed forward to someone else. >> i have a feeling he's going to turn up.
5:50 pm
>> we need to see them and that ring eunite. >> if you're -- ring reunite. definitely cold up there and they're putting chains up on 50 and 806789 it's cold and wet and we have more rain coming our way. not tomorrow, though. we go outside, live storm tracker do shows the sweeps going. this is shows where -- where you have snow, where you have ice, where you have rain and obviously you see the snow up in this area. this is more of an icy, slushy mix here. if we come in close, i can show you up on 80, we're having issues at the summit with chains and some issues here on 50 as well. the snow continues to fall but they're getting a break up there now after a morning of very heavy snow i got storm reports around the lake tahoe area, very heavy show around 9:00, 10:00 this morning, but now it's more widely scattered and less coming down. 54 in livermore.
5:51 pm
the forecast for tomorrow is we're thinking about fog in the morning hours and tomorrow, mostly sunny, partly sunny. more showers back in the forecast friday night. right now doesn't look like a big deal but back in the forecast. tomorrow, the storm moves out. friday, you'll see system number many coming -- we got a lot of rain this year, come into the scene and that's friday night. it's not friday afternoon. so clouds increase. the computer model bears it out like this. thursday morning, fog is something we're thinking about in the valley and around the bay. that's tomorrow morning. then tomorrow afternoon, not bad. i think there's patches of fog as you see in the central valley. friday morning, more fog. then the high clouds start to come in. friday afternoon, right? then here's overnight friday. showers 4 a.m. saturday morning or late friday night, if you will, and here we are into is saturday afternoon starts to clear out. doesn't look like a big deal at all. the forecast highs tomorrow, kind of like today. a little bit cooler in some places but people will see a
5:52 pm
nice bit of sunshine. 53 in brentwood, santa cruz 56. the five-day forecast with the bay area weekend in view, we're doing great for rain and snow and reminds me of old guys say it always reminds me of the old days, but it reminds me back in the 70s and 80s, when we just get rain, you remember this, both of you are from around here, it's definitely winter. >> i don't remember christmas like yesterday with all that rain. you'd always hear the threat of rain but it actually came through yesterday. >> and everybody is happy. it's a new story because things happen in the rain and snow but it's what we need after last year. >> thanks, bill. help is still wanted as thousands turn out for free meal. charities have a message for people, that giving season never really ends. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
5:53 pm
i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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. this day after christmas is known as boxing day in places such as england and australia. it's similar to black friday here in the united states. boxing day has been a national holiday in england since 1871. back then the british would celebrate the day with fox hunts. many bosses would send holiday gift to their workers. rescuers in new york are keeping a close eye on a beached whale that was discovered this morning. officers have been dousing the
5:56 pm
whale with water to try to keep it alive. it's been identified as a fin back, some ch is an en -- which is an endangered speaksies. the prognosis is -- species. kiki is back in the water today. biologists at the marine mammal nurse $the sale -- nursed the seal back to health and was released. san francisco's st. anthony's dining room extended a helping hand to the needy today. yesterday, they served 4,000 people meals. today they were back to their daily average of 2800. >> everybody's here on christmas day but it's those other days of the year that are really important as well, so people are hungry, the day after christmas just as they are on christmas. >> and he went on to say many
5:57 pm
people come in on christmas as much as to be with other people as to receive a meal. officials in washington d.c. are expecting 600 to 800 thousand victors for president obama's second inauguration. that is far less than the 1.8 people who crowded the washington mall four years ago. the president will be publicly swan sworn in -- sworn in january 21st. the second term officially begins with a private ceremony a day early but that is a sunday. coming up in two minutes as the sierra avalanche center warns about the risks of more slides, our ktvu crew takes a look at the crowds headed up to the sierra. a north end eatery begins to shut down after 35 years in business. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
5:58 pm
u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud.
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